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    Is it possible to print a list with all (or only selected) future appointments per client in such a way that it also shows my logo and business info on the print?

    My client is able to adjust her working hours, but she needs to show her boss in advance which appointments she has. I have 3 appointments planned in the future. By printing the appointment confirmation slip, I can only print the info per appointment on one paper. But it looks like a document from my practice. I was able to customize it to the way I want it to look (language, info showing and add my logo to the top and business info at the bottom of the page).

    I tried the appointment list grid way of printing. Here I can print only the future appointments, but it also shows everything about this appointment (way to much info) and I can’t select what I want it to print and what to info to hide and I can’t make it look like a document from my practice. I can’t edit it like I can edit the appointment confirmation slip and it’s not a document I can give my client to show her boss because he will probably ask if she made it herself in excel.

    Is there a template that I can customize in such a way that it shows future appointments (client name, date and time) with my logo and business info added to the template?

    Joshua Barrs

    Hi Meli524 – Thanks for your post.

    What you mention is certainly possible within ClinicOffice. Please see instructions below:

    • Go to the REPORTS AND TEMPLATES section of ClinicOffice
    • When the window opens, give your report a name
    • Towards the bottom of the window, click the ‘Copy SQL’ button then select APPOINTMENT – APPOINTMENT LIST.
    • Click ‘Ok’ and then the designer window will open
    • You can then use the report wizard to create your layout report.

    The location of the report wizard varies depending on the version of ClinicOffice that you have, but this will be listed in the ClinicOffice user guide that can be found under the help tab.


    If you would prefer for us to create this report for you, then this is a service that we offer, but there will be a charge.


    Thank you very much! I still have to take some time to set it up completely but it is doing what I want it to do. The only way it works right now is if I am in the “reports & templates” screen and select the template I created and click on “Run report”. I select from which date I want the document to show the appointments (only future dates for eg.) and search for the patient, select patient and click “ok”. It creates the desired document containing all the info I need. Perfect.

    Two questions remain for now:

    I saved the template I created twice. Once in category “patients” and once in category “appointments”.

    1. Is there a way to get this (future) appointment overview to print from a patient’s appointment screen? For eg. I have patient X planned at 1pm on sept 13th. I open that specific appointment from Diary and go to “print”. All I see there is “appointment confirmation slip”. Is it possible to make my template visible there and have it do exactly as I described above?
    2. Is there a way to get this (future) appointment overview to print from a patient’s file? So I go to “patients” screen. Right click on the patient and choose “open patient”, choose “appointments” tab and click “print”. I get different options there like “print this screen” (not what I am looking for) and “financial”, “letters” and “patients”. In the “patients” folder there is only the option “address (envelope DL)”. Is it possible to make my template visible there and have it do exactly as I described above?

    Looking for other information I stumbled upon a post made July 5, 2016 at 10:57 am #31604 by
    William (Keymaster) : “Here is a Multi Appointment Confirmation Slip report. It is similar to the default “Appointment Confirmation Slip”.. This is exactly what I was looking for! It just didn’t show up with the search criteria I entered when I first started searching. This file works perfectly.

    Thank you!

    Joshua Barrs

    Hi Meli,

    We’re glad that has worked for you! If you are still having problems getting the report to show directly from the print option in the patient/appointment records (as you have mentioned above) then please let us know.

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