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    I have been running CO2005 on the go on my laptop. I now want to restore database from backup on the main reception computer, but keep getting the following alert:

    “Database Restore Failed. An error occured while trying to replace the selected database. The windows error message was:- “The verify-on-write switch parameter value is not correct” The most likely cause is that another user is still logged on to the database. Please make sure everyone is logged off before retrying.”

    I’ve copied the backup file from laptop to reception, turned everything off (no network running), restarted reception and tried to restore, but keep getting the same error message.

    I thought this might be related to the problem. When doing: Quick invoice & payment > Open the payment screen to make a payment > Fill in payment method and amount > Go to print the receipt and I get an error message: “Cannot save payment. Another user has just posted payments for xxxx, xxxx. This payment will now have to be refreshed”. After clicking “Ok” I’m then able to print. This error message doesn’t pop up if I use the option “Enter a quick payment against this invoice”.

    Any advice?


    Hi – thanks for your post.

    That sounds very weird. :-k Firstly, to get your data over to your new computer, I’d recommend COPYING over the entire database folder (rather than doing a backup and restore). From your logon screen on the new computer, you can then click “Add Existing Database” and select the folder you copied across.

    As regards the cause of the strange message, please try temporarily disabling your AntiVirus software to see if that is the cause of the problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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