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    If you haven’t already read my post (Part 1) in wish list it might be worht doing that now

    New Protocol:
    Eclipse Internet offer a back up facility for 3.99 + vat per month..

    For this you get 5gb of storage space…

    A free back up programme which does all the work for you with a simple and easy to use interface..

    Internet access from any web browser, which allows you to restore to any computer across the net (so you can use the facility to restroe to a home computer or satalite practice)

    So if you like sleeping at night take human’s out of your back up protocol and automate or you can stay blisfully ignorant and risk loosing all you database

    If I seem a little paranoid about this it’s cos I’ve done it… lost 3mts of data …LOL

    Sleep Well…



    We’ve been offering an online backup service ourselves as part of the ClinicOffice Support Plan for a while now and we’re pleased to say it’s working excellently! It’s already saved one clinic from disaster (they had a hard disk failure).

    Best of all, apart from a one-off setup fee of £20, there are NO EXTRA MONTHLY CHARGES as the cost of up to 1Gb online storage is included in the Support Plan!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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