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    Paul Frishert

    In one of the topics I read this:

    Hi Sacha,

    Thanks for your post. ClinicOffice v6 (currently in development) includes a “Treatment Plan” feature. In addition to allowing you to template a “series” of treatments for patients, it also allows you to allocate a treatment plan to an alternate invoice recipient, such as an insurance company and you can also specify a monetary “allowance” which will show a warning when exceeded.

    We don’t have an official release date for COv6 date, but we’re working hard on it at the moment.

    Kind Regards,

    Support Team

    This reply is from March of this year. I would like to know if a release date for COv6 is already known :-k. Not because of this “Treatment Plan”, but because this version is already, I think, 4 years old?


    Hi Mesologie

    Thanks for your patience. The development is coming on well for version 6, but parts of it have taken us a little longer than anticipated. Although we cannot give an exact date, it should be released this year.


    In a continuation of this topic, we have had to revise our release date for COv6. This is in part to ongoing requests for the current version 5 but also due to the looming changes required for the GDPR coming into effect soon. At present the release date seems likely to be sometime this summer 2019.

    Although new versions do bring a large number of changes to the software, we do regularly release new features, and some of them are pretty big, in regular build updates to the present version release of the software. For example, we released Healthcode integration, IMAP integration and the ability to accept payments through Worldpay and PaymentSense. These are just a few major changes to the software that have come in version 5 and were not dependant on the release of version 6. All these changes will continue on into version 6 of the software as well.

    We do apologise for these delays but the continued advancement and improvements of the software are being made but in the form of regular incremental updates as opposed to massive new version releases. We are however still working on version 6 and all being well it will be with us shortly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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