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    Hope someone can help out with a question as I couldn’t find the answer in other posts on the forum. Is there a quick and easy way to have CO search/generate a list of clients that had an appointment booked from a specific date onward? For example, a list of all clients that have been booked in (once or multiple times) since 01-01-2018? Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

    Joshua Barrs

    Hi Martyn,

    There are a couple of ways that you could achieve this, but it really depends on how you plan to use the data.

    If you need it to simply extract a list of emails/mobile numbers from the clients specified then this is very simple to do. Just go to the diary grid view, or run an appointment list report, and specify to show all appointments on or after 01-01-2018. This will display patients multiple times for a couple of reasons but it doesn’t matter, because you can select all records using CTRL+A on your keyboard, and then right-click, extract emails and ClinicOffice will remove any duplicates automatically.

    If however you simply need a list of all patients who have had an appointment after a certain date regardless of the appointment type and you only want each patient to show once on the list even if they have had more than one appointment then we will need to look at creating a custom report for you. (Hopefully we should be able to tweak a current ClinicOffice report to suit your needs.) If this is the case, then please email your request along with as much information as possible to and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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