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    My server has been happily doing it’s job for the last 2 years.. that is until 3 weeks ago when I got the telephone call you really don’t need on a Saturday morning at 8.30

    This particular morning the server developed a fault that was beyond my capability….

    So I downloaded the database from the server hard drive and set it up on the reception machine and got them up and running in about 1 hr….

    I decided to get some IT guys in… who advised a reinstall… (luckly the data was on a seperate partition on the drive..)

    They returned it same day but it was completely dead by Friday!! 2 days after the repair.. the cost of this exercise was £350… (the price of a new server from Dell at the moment)

    The moral of this story is that if you can get away with a peer to peer on XP Pro and your not servicing lots of machines, then peer to peer is al ot less grief and cheap to maintain as if you do have to reinstall it only takes an hour or so and you can do it yourself…

    Hope this little tale helps you make that decision..

    Colm (Former user of windows server 2003)


    Hi Colm

    Thanks for the info, I hope it all works better for you with your new setup! 😀

    Just an idea you might want to include Windows Vista on your Options list. Unfortunately more and more of our users are starting to use it as more machines are coming pre-installed with it 🙁

    Again Thanks


    Hi all

    For a small network, say 10 machines total, does anyone have a view on whether there is any benefit of using Ms Small Business Server over simply using XP Pro as a ‘server’ in a PtoP network? I can see no disadvantage in just using XP Pro and it’s a lot cheaper :mrgreen: . You don’t get MS Exchange, but there are much simpler E-Mail systems available – we use Turnpike.


    For a small network Windows XP Pro will probably be fine unless you require the advanced features of Windows Server like Exchange and Terminal Services etc.

    Regarding ClinicOffice specific advice, if you have 5 or more users then we recomend the SERVER edition of ClinicOffice.


    Networks are all about sharing resources of computers, servers, printers, scanners etc to each other.
    Peer-To-Peer network is very cost effective but supports lesser number of computers in network. Peer-To-Peer networks are designed for limited number computers, it will start creating issues when exceed 15 number of computers.
    While Servers are powerful machines when they are compared to normal desktop computers. They are meant to provide strength to computing power within the entire network. Windows server 2003 is more powerful and enhanced for much higher security levels, Linux servers provide the maximum security to networks.


    Right I’ve been there got the t-shirt and this is my journey.

    I’ve gone form P2P to server 2003 back to P2P then back to Server 2008 and now back to P2P and spent a lot of money on infrastructre in the process….

    I’ve been hosting now by Pioneer for a couple of weeks… I uploaded my data at close of business Thursday and was up and running Thursday night ready for practice Friday AM…

    The team held my hand the whole way and the process was seamless…

    I’ve simplifed all my systems, I no longer have to worry about backups, virus protection, fall overs, system failures as my data is now off site and we have a cool little app which we auto load at login.

    If theirs a problem we ring the team who sort it quickly (even on bank holiday weekends!!!)

    It’s pretty fast and our online diary has speed up exponentially…

    For me this is a no brainer!!! Going to the hosted version makes good sense.. It costs me with my add on’s £110 per month and I think thats money well spent for the peace of mind it gives me..

    So my advice go to the hosted version if you have a decent internet conection and remove a layer of complexity and cost from your processes..



    Thanks for the recommendation Colm – much appreciated!

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