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    We are running the server edition of Clinic Office.

    Within the next six month we plan to migrate to a new server array situated at a remote location. The link between the Clinic and the remote location will be fibre optic/commerical wireless broadband (real delievered speeds in excess of 12Mb for both upload and download. For an extra fee this could be doubled).

    First there is some civil engineering work by Virgin Media to bring the fibre optic into the Clinic. (Don’t hold your breath as to when)

    Once that is settled we will add an additional server blade and disk array at the remote location.

    When that is complete we would like to install and run a test Clinic Office installation on it.
    a) We would propose to leave the exisitng local server and Clinic Office installation as the live system.
    b) Load a snapshot of our live database onto the new server
    c) runs some test at the remote location
    d) run some performance tests at the Clinic on standard functionality using the links to the remote server and running terminal services via the workstations.
    e) test the operation of our bespoke arrival screens

    In testing we are interested in peformance from the User point of view. We believe the performance should be even faster than from the local server. We will book additional support as we get closer.

    Once we are happy then we would swap to the live system to the new server over a week end. Again we will book additonal support.

    My query now is for the procedure regarding licenses etc for setting up the test system. Our existing server license with number of Users etc is fine. There is no change to the number of Clinics etc. But there will be a period when we would like to run Clinic Office on two seperate Servers in two different locations. Is there a “test licence” to formalise this transition.

    Tony Taylor
    ESO Maidstone


    Hi Tony – thanks for your post. This type of enquiry (which is very specific to your needs) is probably best handled via email rather than in a public forum, so you should be receiving an email reply very shortly.

    Many thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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