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    We have set up the text function to send a text to clients after they have been to us asking for feedback. Currently we appear to be texting a number which we cannot find on our system. The individual says they have never been to us and, understandably, would like us to stop! Any ideas on how we can track and/or delete this number from the text function?
    Clive Elwood
    Davies Veterinary Specialists


    Hi cliveelwood,

    Thanks for your post.

    Is this based on an automatic SMS rule within the contact centre? ClinicOffice will only send texts to numbers that are stored within the MOBILE field in a patients record.

    I don’t understand how ClinicOffice will be able to text to a number that doesn’t even exist within the database.

    If we had a connection to the server, we could try and track the mobile number through there as it could even belong to a record that has been deleted (placed in the recycle bin).


    Hi Clive

    Just following on from what Mat has mentioned. It certainly does sound like you have a mobile number for a client that is no longer valid. It could be that the mobile number was entered incorrectly the first time, such as a typo, or the person you had the number stored for has since changed their number. Mobile providers will recycle existing mobile numbers that are no longer in use and hence a new person could be using that mobile number you still have stored on your system.

    As Mat mentioned the mobile number is stored in the patient’s record. Best way to find it is by going into the Patient section of ClinicOffice going to search and typing in the number into the mobile search field. As mobile numbers can be stored in multiple formats you could always search using the percent % sign. So for example searching ‘%0789%’ (without quotes) might help you find a possible match on numbers that contain 0789 in them.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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