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    HI a few months ago you added on a custom report for us under session outcomes
    which is great.
    We are able to do most searches however some of the fields when you drag them and drop them to group them do not work?
    can you advise?


    Hi Michelle1234,

    When you say they do not work, is there an error message when you try to group them?



    Hi Matt
    there is no error report
    if you drag the cat to where it groups the report for some of them it gives you the total and groups thems for others it does nothing?
    happy new year


    Hi Michelle – thanks for your post.

    I’m afraid that with something this complex, and without seeing exactly what you’re doing, how the report was created, which fields you’re grouping, how you’re grouping them, what field types they are, how the report data bands are configured (etc.) … it’s going to be very hard to assist you via forum posts.

    We’re not aware of any issues with the report grouping functionality and we’re able to group reports without any problem back here, so it may be something simple that you’re doing wrong.

    I notice that we’ve chatted with you a few times before about the ClinicOffice Support Plan which is very reasonably priced and gives you unlimited support – including remote support where we can connect in to your computer and spend the time required going through this report with you. Alternatively you could buy a ‘support instance’ so that we can connect in remotely to help you with this, but the Support Plan is much more cost effective.

    The only other alternative is if you can provide a full and detailed list containing step-by-step instructions of exactly what you’re doing and how you’re going about adding the grouping levels to the report, along with screenshots of the results showing where the problem is and then we’ll try to follow your instructions to see if we can reproduce the issue and make some suggestions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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