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    Remote Desktop is great… I have been tinkering with it for a couple of days and can now access my ClinicOffice over the net..

    What you need…
    A broband connection with fixed IP addresses both ends (remote & home)
    Set up your ADSL Firewall Router to allow inbound traffic from from each fixed address (again home & work or just work if you only want to go 1 way)

    Enable Remote Desktop by clicking – Control Panel – System – Remote Tab – tick check box to allow users to remote access on computer you want to access (or both)

    Click start – Programs – accessories – communications – Remote Desktop Connection

    Remote Desktop dialog box pops up, Click Options button type in the IP address in “Computer” box, user name and your password (of the remote computer you want to access)

    Click connect and you should be able to see the desktop of the remote computer

    Then just use it as your normal computer to run Clinic Office


    Colm :D/


    The programme is called GoToMyPC and it’s a Secure Remote Programme that allows you access from anywhere in the world.. Cool eh!! 8)

    Costs £11.99 a month or £9 a month on a yearly subscription but you can cancel at any time so maybe only use it when your going on holiday… free trial for 30 days…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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