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    Here is a simple allocation based report which is solely based on financial allocations; allocations between payments to invoices or refunds to credit notes etc. It has six fields: Alloc Date/Time, Alloc Amount; Patient Name, Invoice Num; Pay Num, Refund Num and Credit Num.

    The purpose of this is to help you ascertain where allocations are being made and so is effective in helping you to identify financial anomalies. Please note that its purpose is not to display unallocated payment or invoices, it is purely allocated records only. Also it does not go into depth about those allocations, it will just give you the numbers such as invoice and payment to show where the allocation lies between.

    Please also do not confuse the allocation amount to be the same as the payment or invoice amount. For example you could have a single payment, paying off two invoices and hence you would see two allocated amounts. In this instance the both allocated amounts would equal the invoice totals they are paying off but it will not equal he payment total unless you added both together.

    For instructions on how to import please see the following topic:-

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